The New Trend of Online Landscape Designing Process & Its Importance

The post pandemic situation in the world has changed our lives in many ways. It keeps us indoors while working from home as a new trend for survival, and it has directly impacted the way on how we look and utilize our homes. Hence, most of the homeowners rethink their living spaces and gardens on how they are going to use it for their leisure time and entertainment activities until their lives return back to normal. Even the small homeowners, apartment dwellers also try to find creative ways to incorporate green into their lives without considering the size of their space.

During the pandemic, online design service platforms offer an idealistic solution for contact-less, remote, and virtual landscape design services worldwide. It makes a lot of sense for a client to get a virtual service along with professional advice from qualified landscape designers around the world to make their dreams or imagination a reality. Furthermore, this is a flexible process for the clients and provides a reasonable price range for the customized projects. Online landscape design services can be diverse. It could be whole property master planning, front yard designs, back yard designs, full yard designs, terraced gardens, pool terraces, outdoor patios designs, outdoor play areas for kids, outdoor cooking and dining areas, vegetable gardens or edible gardens including detailed planting plans as per customer requirement.

The online designing process is convenient for both parties as clients can save their budget by cutting down unnecessary expenses such as travel costs or providing amenities for the designer. As for the designer, they can save their travel time and utilize it for an innovative project idea. For this process to work, homeowners should take photos of their existing space and send them to the designer. Then they assemble the satellite image of the property and begin to visualize the perfect outdoor space that fits within the parameters such as available size, climate, terrain, soil, and drainage of the site while focusing on functional use and design elements. Once the design is complete, clients can receive the visualized 3D rendered images of their imagination. If the client is not satisfied, design modifications allow them to make revisions to the design according to their personal taste.
Realistic rendering images provide an efficient service for contractors to build an outdoor space, including the measurements and materials of the space. The new trend of online landscape design platforms provides a great opportunity for people to minimize their budgets and time constraints, to simply meet their needs, and to create fabulous outdoor spaces while making their own green place of happiness.

By Malithi Ranatunga

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